Nurse and Student Wellness


A student who becomes ill or injured while at school is expected to tell his/her teacher and get a health pass form and go to the School Nurse Office. The school nurse will perform an assessment and make a decision if the health condition warrants dismissal or not. The school nurse will notify the parent/guardian and the attendance office if dismissal is needed.

In regards to the administration of medication, school board policy states that over the counter (OTC) drugs will be given with written physician and parent consent only. Prescription drugs will be administered by the school nurse upon receipt of the medication in the original container and written parental consent.

Medical alert forms must be updated by the parent yearly. The school nurse will send the forms out at the end of the school year and upon their return she will make updates in the computer. Parents are encouraged to list at least 2 emergency phone numbers on the medical form.


Colleton County Schools participate in an individual insurance plan, which the students may purchase during the year from the main office. Rates change from year to year. If you have any questions concerning the current rate please call the main office. The school is not the insurer and has only limited responsibilities in regard to the insurance and claims. All students are urged to purchase this plan.

Insurance is required for students enrolled in family and consumer sciences, shop, agriculture, physical education and all vocational classes. Athletic insurance does not cover participation in PE and other school classes. Full-time coverage is offered and students will be given specific information when school starts. Parents may also call the school to get the costs and other details of the insurance. Accident insurance is offered at minimal cost and pays limited benefits. It should be a supplement to other medical and accidental policies. This insurance generally does allow hospitals and doctors to begin medical services.

Students whose families have coverage may elect to waive the purchase of school insurance if proper documentation is provided to the school.